Thursday, January 26, 2017

Just Bee, by Melissa A. Torres, 3x3 mixed media on canvas

I have been taking a break from my traditional painting to experiment with something that has been used by a friend of mine for some time. Resin. At first I was terrified of it. I watched countless Youtube videos and read numerous "How to" articles online. I finally decided, "What do I have to lose." I found out I love it! It is messy at times, and can be unforgiving. Any little hair or dust can ruin your final product, but guess what??? You can sand it and add another layer, giving you another try to achieve perfection. 

"Just Bee" is my third piece I completed using resin.  The painting was created using acrylic paints, Isopropyl alcohol, and micas.  Several layers of resin were poured instead of my usual varnishing technique. I love how the resin gives a glassy look and feel to the work.

This painting is available. View other available works at my Shop.

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