Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Colorful , lively , urbanspace design art by Sally Fraser

                                        BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY  BY SALLY FRASER

Acrylic with dripping paint and heavy glazing allows many layers of paint to show through. A bright colorful painting when the correct lighting falls on this abstract and  the colors truly glimmer.
Great for hanging in an urban design space with contemporary furninshings or someone who likes a colorful design theme . The 36 x 24 acrylic on board needs a simple black frame to hold the form of this piece of wall art. The accents on this purplish painting are turquoise drips and dots if you look closely you will see some orange drips.

Price: $700 with tax and shipping not included

contact:sngfraser@gmail.com          www.sallyfraserfineat.com for more art


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