Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New Textured Lavender Painting by Contemporary Impressionist Niki Gulley

“Uplifting Fragrance," Tuscany ©2015 Niki Gulley
24" x 12" textured mixed media painting on wrap around canvas

The lavender fields in Provence are incredible – perfectly manicured rows and rows of an explosion of violet as far as the eye can see. I wanted to try something different in this painting, arranging the purple waves vertically to draw your eye up to the stone farmhouse perched on top of one of the distant hills. Wispy clouds mirror similar patterns as the lavender columns and create a harmony between foreground and background, while perspective lines all converge at the summit, leading you to this joyful, peaceful spot. I hope you can smell the amazing aromas and  feel your spirits lifted while gazing into this scene!

If you're in the Columbus area this weekend and you'd like to see more of my palette knife contemporary landscape paintings, please stop by my booth at the Columbus Art Festival.

Columbus Art Festival
June 12th and 13th • 11am – 10:30pm
Sun. June 14th • 11am – 5pm
 Downtown Riverfront, Columbus, OH

"Uplifting Fragrance" is available through the Good Art Company in Fredericksburg, TX.

For more information on my plein air paintings and workshops in Italy and France, please e-mail Niki Gulley.

Or, check out my website at: nikigulley.com.

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