Sunday, March 22, 2015

Go Big, Go Bold Abstract Painting Workshop in Marble Falls, Texas!

Go Big, Go Bold
Abstract Painting Workshop

March 26 - March 28
Highland Arts Guild
318 Main St.
Marble Falls, Texas

This fun, 3-day workshop is for the intermediate and advanced artist who is familiar with painting in acrylics and wants to loosen up by  experimenting  with innovative techniques of applying and manipulating paint on canvas.   

We will begin each day with a demo and a short discussion on how to establish a good composition.  Once that is done, we will dive right in and start having fun by applying paint loosely with brushes, tools and even hands!  We will learn how to paint intuitively, allowing the painting to lead the way and establish its own "voice". 

Students are encouraged to work on large canvases,  allowing  them the freedom to break loose and enjoy the painting process with no stress and lots of fun!

Don't miss this opportunity to explore new techniques while you have fun painting with a great group of fellow artists!

I will begin the workshop with a video showing a collection of my paintings, followed by a painting demonstration.  I will share my thought process as I work my way through the completion of a painting.  Painting intuitively is a journey and the destination is never guaranteed, but the journey is exciting and fun!

My goal is to encourage and guide you on your abstract painting journey.  

I hope you will be able to join us this week in beautiful Marble Falls, Texas!

Contact me for more information.

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