Friday, October 24, 2014

Oil Portrait Painting "Earthquake" by Texas Hill Country Artist Juli Koroly


For the last five years, I have done a series of free portraits called "Everyday Heroes" for anyone who has lost a loved one and would like a remembrance other than a photograph.  It has been my privilege to provide this service to many over the years. I have painted servicemen of all our wars and conflicts, policemen, teachers, and family members. 

In 2010,  I was contacted by a young woman whose best friend had completed the adoption of this darling girl from Haiti. Two weeks before the adopting family was to travel to the island to bring her home, the devastating earthquake of 2010 hit. This child was one of the causalities. I created this piece entitled "Earthquake" at the friend's request and sent it to the child's mother.  The mother's best friend wrote me later to let me know how much the mother had appreciated the portrait.

When I do a portrait, I feel very linked to that person.  It is like I know them.  For me, each portrait is personal, not commercial.

Should you know of any family of an "Everyday Hero"who would be touched by  such a remembrance, please contact me. I ask only for some pictures to work from,  and I will mail the finished piece to the family free of charge.

If interested, please contact me at

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