Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Bells of Frayssinet and Sing to Me Poppies - Flower Paintings by Nancy Medina

 Sing to Me Poppies
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Archival Panel

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I finally have my land legs here in Frayssinet as I write this post for you from the Lot Valley in Southern France. The church photo below is the view from my bedroom window at Le Vieux Couvent, a 17th Century convent converted into an artist school and retreat. I can lean out my blue shuttered window, resting my elbows on the thick, ancient stone wall, and see the stars so clearly tonight.There is nothing but perfect silence outside, except for the historic bells.

Every few hours, the bells ring from the village church here in this medieval village. Years ago, the this was how the townsfolk were able to tell what time it was, and it helped the workers in the fields know when it is time to come in for meals. Now the bells toll for a different purpose. Read more...

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The church bells of Frayssinet
Photo copyright Nancy Medina Art LLC

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