Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rooster by Kristine Kainer

Oil on Canvas Panel (Museum Grade)

Ten years ago, my family moved from the Washington, DC area to a farm in a rural part of Texas.  Of course, we wanted chickens.  Thrilled to learn that roosters are not necessary for eggs, we happily purchased a variety of young hens and soon began to enjoy the "fruits of their labor."

One day, a friend of my husband's announced that he knew someone who had too many roosters.  Would we be willing to take one?  Halfheartedly, we said we might be interested.  A week or two passed.  Then, our lives changed.  Upon returning from a day of errands, we saw a newcomer among our flock--a scrawny, white leghorn rooster.

This bird had issues.  It was mean.  And it didn't sleep.  The crowing began around 2 AM and lasted throughout the night -- ten minutes of the most maniacal screeching followed by twenty minutes of an uneasy quiet.  Then the peace would be broken again with more ear-piercing howling.  This lasted for eleven days--ten days too many.  Needless to say, it was me or the rooster.  I won.

As we ponder a return to the farm on a full-time basis in a few years, the thought of having a rooster has returned.  They can't all be like that first one, right?  Surely, the one we got was possessed, correct?  Please feel free to convince me!  Meanwhile, enjoy this colorful, QUIET rooster painting.  You'll have a great night's sleep.

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