Sunday, July 6, 2014

Challenging Perspective by Pamela Blaies

Ivy Plein Air
7" x 7"

Hope everyone had a Happy 4th!  I feel blessed to live in such an amazing country, where so many patriots have fought to establish and maintain the most unique country in history which is based on equal liberty for all it's citizens.  May God continue to bless America.

I heard an interesting quote yesterday from an artist, Mian Situ, that goes something like this, "I don't want to just paint beautiful things, I want to paint things beautifully." ​  It was interesting to think about and it kind of forced me to shift my way of thinking.  I've been on vacation this past week at a beautiful resort. There are tons of gorgeous, show-stopping flowers to enjoy. Beautiful colors all around me to take in and possibly paint.  But sitting by the pool, I noticed some ivy growing in the shade of a big tree, where light barely filters in. As I looked more carefully at them, I began to see more and more colors, subtle nuances and interesting edges. So, instead of painting the brilliant, red hibiscus near the doorway, or the cheery, orange daisy and colorful fruit sitting by my coffee this morning, I painted a tiny trail of ivy today! 

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