Thursday, May 29, 2014

Van Gogh on Twitter and an Art Marketing Workshop - Flower Paintings by Nancy Medina

Ruby Tango Peonies
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Don't you wish they had taught just one course on art marketing in College? Wouldn't it have been nice if the professor who taught color theory 101 had mentioned in passing one day, oh by the way, when you finally get your own Web site, be sure it's user friendly enough that you can update it yourself. The truth is, no one was selling art 20 years ago, the way art is sold now. Some of us were still pretty excited about email back then. Imagine what art would be like today, if Van Gogh had posted his paintings on Facebook, if Monet had his own Youtube channel, and if Picasso was on Twitter 24/7.

@Braque - Sold another #staircaselady 2day! 
Betcha can't top that @Pablo!

I lived in the resort community of Santa Barbara, California, when I first began selling my watercolor paintings. I traded some for rent, some for furniture (a particularly hideous oak shelving unit comes to mind). I had my first art show with a class that met in a little building just off State Street next to the rug cleaner's. Our group was led by an exceptional teacher who started each lesson by informing my classmate, Jonathan Winters, of his promise not to disrupt her lesson with any jokes or facial gestures. This was 22 years ago. Read more...

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